Thursday, 3 December 2015

San Bernardino Slaughter: The only balanced reporting I have seen.

When horror hits, few report only what is known, preferring to star in a politicized drama.  This example hits the spot without pandering.

"So what do we know? It appears to be a case of premature detonation".  Everything I've read to date is acknowledged and yet Nicki at The Liberty Zone cuts a new path.

UPDATE: Although a perfect example above of how to write about something while information is missing, more is coming in.  Notable that the couple met Al Qaeda types in Saudi Arabia, that she pledged allegiance to Al Baghadi of ISIS after the attack, that the mother-in-law lived in the apartment where they were making bombs, that the press got into the apartment and filmed stuff including shredded documents, that the on-line presence of the couple was mostly "deleted" just before the event.Also, the FBI is calling this a terrorist investigation.

There is this, however, a new attitude to reporting when Islam is the trigger:

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