Friday, 1 January 2016

If there's a First Nation, it's Canada. Calling Tribal Kinship Groups "First Nations" is BS.

Extended family groups don't run on democracy and calling Indian tribes "First Nations" is a farce.  Canada by contrast is a trans-tribal nation with a written constitution, public accounts, and membership is by allegiance, not DNA.  And now Trudeau, PBUH, calls for "Nation to Nation" deals between Ottawa and the tribes.  ROFL

My blood boiled to read Trudeau is rolling back the requirement that Indian bands follow spending transparency rules.  Most have complied but this is still lick-spittle insanity.  The tribes are still family-run businesses, or at best cliques of clans.

Happy politicians
What do we get in this "Nation to Nation" deal?  What do tribes get?  You got it right if you hear money going from Ottawa to tribes, and if you hear flattery and promises-not-to-be-a-nuisance going in the other. That's not a deal, it's extortion and an ego-boost for some politicians.

The contrast for me was a visit to Queen Charlotte City.  Caucasians (whites) and Asians (Indians) go about their business, working, raising families in a shared community.  I saw hints of this in Alaska and once in a Saskatoon business district.  

Dress-up day
When the government teat isn't being used to bribe and enslave native populations, you get fine men and women.  I don't feel smug because the same deal on a smaller scale is offered to the whole population in a socialist Canada that doesn't trust markets.  If I lived on one of the reserves I've seen, I would be unhappy but being a victim isn't the solution.

In the northern half of North America, Canada is the only First Nation and the tribal groups that settled here previously from Asia never made the cut as nations.  Their invasion can be called "settlement" since they only fought each other as they grabbed territory.


  1. Ken I have been saying for years that their is no such thing as First Nations in Canada. I now realize that the brain washed and liberal left use this expression to make Normal Canadians feel guilt and shame to be A Canadian. Trudeau and co would sell their soul to the devil to stay in power and destroy this country..Steve o

  2. The so-called Six Nations of the Iroquois is a reference to the pre-Revolutionary war federation of aboriginals resident in New York state's Mohawk Valley. While four of the tribes (Mohawks, Senecas, Cayugas and Onondagas) went with the British, two, the Oneida's and Tuscarora's chose to remain in place as neutrals.

    If there is an aboriginal land claim to be made by the remaining 4 of 6 nations, it should be filed against New York State.

    Meanwhile Canadians pay 12 billion dollars yearly in aboriginal welfare.

    1. If you add up all the grants, resource sharing, extraordinary costs in health, education, social services and justice, industry kickbacks and economic opportunities lost due to Indian obstruction the cost of the Indian industry is somewhere between 50 and 100 billion per year. All for what? Whose stupid idea was it to begin treating indigenous tribes as alien creatures?