Saturday, 23 January 2016

Lose weight by finding the Cheat Calories and using a shortcut to count

3500 uncounted calories is a pound you gained.
Every time I go off counting, I get bigger.
Every time I go back to counting, I get smaller.
Counting is so picky, I hate it, but I found two helps.

1.  Use a shortcut list that lets me estimate without weighing every ingredient.
2.  Find the cheat calories and measure them.

Cheat 1:    I was eating less but I kept gaining.  Then I clued that I wasn't counting my coffee because it's just liquid, sort of like flavoured water.   WRONG.  I was putting 35% whipping cream and heaped up sugar into every cup about ten times a day while at work.   About 75 calories per cuppa.  This was good for a pound a week weight gain.   I forced myself to drink it black most of the time, found it wasn't so bad, and lost weight.  Even got accustomed to the taste after a while.    Hassle fix:  Eliminate the cheat calories so you don't have to count.

Cheat 2:  The next time my belly bulged, I was puzzled until I spotted the cheat.  I had taken to having little shots of Drambuie through the afternoon and evening, usually just a sip.  How could a little bit of liquid make me fat?   High alcohol drinks are the equivalent of drinking half water and half liquid fat.  I started measuring the booze and my weight went down again. I also sip a little less, now that I know a sip of the golden liqueur is like swallowing fat.  Hassle fix:  I weigh the entire bottle at day's end and count just once what I drank.

It lists rounded-off calories per 10 grams. Triple that for calories per ounce.
You don't have to be perfect, just be close and don't cheat.

    Fats, oils, mayo and butter and nuts     80 average
    Sugars and firm cheeses         40
    Rib eye steak 30  Pork chop 25  Chicken 20  Lean ham 15 Fish 10
    Bread, pancakes, pizza crust   25
    Salad dressings (regular incl Miracle Whip), jams, sweet sauces    25
    Potatoes, beans, pasta   10
    Soups:  Rich 10    Light 5
    Wine   8
    Milk, yogurt, cottage cheese: 10. (Less for skim)
    Fruits and veggies:   5  (Bananas 10, avocado 15, lettuce, mushrooms, and celery free)
    Add a favourite breakfast as one number: ( e.g. 2 strips bacon, 2 eggs, buttered toast with jam, coffee, o.j.)

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