Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Money has its own politics.

Shared values of the very rich prevail. Breitbart notes there are over 500 billionaires in the States, some left and some right, but their world views chime together. The ten point summary rings true.  Here are the ledes.  Read the rest.

1.   Billionaires don’t like to pay taxes.
2.   Billionaires like globalization.
3.   Immigration. From the Billionaires’ Consensus point of view, if money and goods can flow freely around the world, why not people?  
4.   Crony capitalism.
5.   Celebrating the “new economy.”  
6.   Environmental elitism.
7.   Earned entitlement cuts.
8.   Free Love, or at least, deregulated love.
9.   More US “engagement” with the world.
10. Always, two tiers—one for them, one for us. 

They're valid viewpoints but it makes my blood boil when behind the scenes tinkering makes them prevail.   #4 is my bugbear.

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