Saturday, 2 January 2016

Twelve Predictions for 2016

1.  ISIS will make a record number of bloody attacks in the west including America, grabbing headlines, while losing land in the Middle East.  All politicians including Justin Trudeau, PBUH, will find a way to say they are against Islamic extremism, even if they aren't.
2.  Canadians will be paying more taxes and supporting a bigger payroll in Ottawa.
3.  Pundits will be wrong in record numbers this year because of accelerating change and because the accompanying political will to defer and deny amplifies the consequences.
4.  Driverless cars, buses and drones will cause almost as much buzz as the Kardashian buttocks. 
5.  CRISPR will start transforming the future of our genes, life span and health but it won't make the headlines it deserves for a few more years. Living suddenly longer will be mainstream chatter.    (15 healthy years bonus).
6.  Donald Trump, POTUS will pick a strong cabinet,  restore optimism to many here and abroad, and will temporarily screw up in yet un-dreamed of ways.
7.  Space exploration, market-based, will prove to be the only success of the Obama presidency.

8.  China will continue to ratchet up war-like positions in the China Sea and no one knows how that will turn out.
9.  International alliances will re-align with unexpected speed in 2016.  In hindsight, it will seem obvious.  Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Germany, India and Pakistan, the Ukraine, the USA, Israel.  Who goes with whom?

10.  AGW people, while noisy, will be defensive. That "97% concensus", like the grin on the Cheshire cat, disappears further.  Politicians will be scramble to adopt "nuanced" positions.
11.  Familiy ties, culture, and traditional sexual roles will continue to trump all political movements. 
12.  Everyone reading this will take digital delivery for more services this year than last.

The automated learning environment is eerily modern in this 100 year old postcard.

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  1. consensus, pedantically speaking.

    Agree with most. Could use some quick assist from CRISPR. Dislike crediting the O-One with SpaceX' success.