Thursday, 11 February 2016

Alzheimers disappearing

I'd prefer tau gene repair to more assisted living spaces in Canada's health budgets. The big story while we wait to live forever is that  the rate of dementia has been going down rapidly, 20% every decade for the last four decades. There's so many more of us living long that our absolute numbers have gone up but the big news is the rate per thousand has plummeted.  The reason why is still a mystery.

And then there's this:  "A cure for the disorder is five to ten years away". The news story is targeted at one form of dementia responsible for 20% of the disorder.

Taking it easy like in the
good old days.
Not about to happen
Assisted living is fine.  Radical renewal of adults is better. Top that up with a policy cure and cultural shift for seniors who want work and pension income until age 130 and beyond.

The rate of change is not slowing down.  There's no mean to revert to this side of the bronze age.

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