Saturday, 5 March 2016

Monkeyi brain waves steer machines.

"Monkeys drive wheelchairs" - It's all over the internet this week. The new idea is wiring up not just one or two things but hundreds of nerve ends to capture complex signals, both to send and receive.  Duke University researchers passively pushed macaque monkeys through the grape reward pathway on fancy electric scooters.  The monkey brain waves were captured as they got close to the grapes.  Their own brain signals were later fed back to them to prompt those parts of the brain to fire up on their own.  The monkeys soon learned to amplify this and added distance-to-the-goal compensation too.

On line stories are mostly about quadraplegics getting a new lease on life.  What about the normal getting super abilities to do things remotely?  That includes work tasks.   There's a whole class of "handicapped" that we call senior citizens in care homes.   If old and infirm people (over 150 years old) move to their in-orbit weightless care homes to retire and have some brain implants too, what exactly distinguishes them from active people in their prime who get things done?
Link for video below.

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