Sunday, 25 December 2016

Are we one? Thought experiment to prove it.

In three dimensions, everyone is clearly separate except for an umbilical moment at birth.  In four dimensions, adding time, everyone has physical continuity to others at some moment. The key is to see humans have two kinds of body.  Like insects we have a metamorphosis of our own.  Most of our life is spent as passionate bipedal mammals but we also transform into gametes made from our own body with our DNA.  The gametes are sent out into the world (sperm) and strategically placed (ova) to build new bipedal mammal nodes in the net of human life.   They occasionally meet and merge and where they do there is always physical continuity.  Brief, over-looked until pregnancy occurs, but real.  There is no gap.  The gamete human is pretty simple compared to Homo Sapiens but is clearly "us" and can be transformed into H Sapiens or created from H Sapiens.  This may stretch your brain to consider having two life forms which metamorphose into each other.

Imagine viewing your body from a fixed viewpoint in space.  From this point picture seeing all of it at all times since you "began" until today.  Picture this as a series of snapshots, moments apart, over the years and add a corkscrewing corkscrewing corkscrew motion to represent your spin on the world's surface and the spin of the world around the sun and maybe a little supplementary motion from galactic spiralling.  From time to time there are spider threads of continuity between you and other people.  (Viewing this as a 3-D corkscrew helps because it gives enough "space" to display lifetimes.)

I've searched the internet before and found no image close to a triply spiralling spiral.  The closest I've found is this short segment of a curve with a spiral following it.  These various spiralling spirals are touching at certain spots.  If you think of the paths as electrical circuits, a signal can be sent from any person to any other person, just not at the same time.

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