Friday, 2 December 2016

FORD Robot taxis in sixty months

Ford is going head to head with Uber and Lyft, Bloomberg reports.
"The carmaker has promised to put 100,000 robot taxis -- without steering wheel, gas or brake pedals -- on the road in five years."
Your beefs about turn lanes, signals,  crazy men, women and kids behind the wheel, about weaving vehicles, tailgaters and honkers, will trend to irrelevant.  The interface between safe robot vehicles and dangerous people ones will be the cutting edge.  Persuading men in particular to let go of the steering wheel, rethinking everything you ever knew about insurance, and the elimination of driver licences as a rite of passage are  almost upon us.  A car becomes a leisure space and communication hub, if you bother to own one.

The rate of change of the rate of change is going up.

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