Thursday, 30 June 2011

Wisconsin miracle - Walker legislation good for kids

Remember:  "It was about the children"?
Kaukana School District,Wisconsin, is hiring 150 new teachers, reducing class sizes and going from $400,000 deficit to $1,500,000 surplus.
How did this miracle happen?
The teachers are starting to pay 1/8th of their medical plan  and having 5.8% taken off their paycheck for their own pensions.

Linked from Instapundit & Althouse to The Journal Sentinel to The Post-Crescent. in Appleton, WI.
Added: The district no longer has to buy health coverage from the teacher's union-owned WEA Trust which is now offering to match the lowest bidder.  WEA was "the Cadillac" and a source of cash for the union.

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