Saturday, 4 December 2021

Greasing Clinton Palms Doesn't Matter Any More. Clinton Foundation Donations Crater.

"This pretty well leaves the purpose of the operation butt-naked. 
It's always been a political influence-peddling operation
Chart from Issues&Insights.

Correlation between Stock Market values (P/E ratio) and Inflation for the last 150 years.

How to read the chart: (Sourced here)
Red-blue-green from left to right is arbitrary, implying 0 to 3% is a good normal and it doesn't tell you which dots are old and which ones are new.  The exceptions to that are below:Near the middle, are a few connected dots for Aug/Sept 1929Just above is a connected loop of orange dots showing the Tech Bubble 1998-2001.
Above that is a connected line of brown dots showing 2014 to the present, our current trend line.
At the top and off to the right a bit is a yellow dot for today at the end of the trendline.
That yellow dot is high for inflation but the shocker is the price people are paying compared to the earnings companies actually report. This hasn't been seen in the last century and a half.

John  Mauldin writes:

"That suggests one of two things needs to happen: either inflation needs to drop dramatically or the stock market needs to drop significantly, or some combination of the two—at least from a historical perspective. Depending on how you measure standard deviation, we are somewhere between 4–5 standard deviations from the mean. Again, dramatically higher than the Roaring 20s (well more than double) or the tech bubble (more than 50% higher)."

All I see from Covid overspending is inflation coming out the ying yang for years. 


Chart from CDC data shows Covid Vax has killed more people than all other vaccines since 1988.

 This data is extracted from CDC's own database.  You can find it readily on DuckDuckGo but good luck finding it on Google today.  Search term:  "VAERS reported deaths by Vaccine Type (1988-2021)".  In a sane world, the vaccine would have been pulled immediately.

Monday, 29 November 2021


Delta, Nu, Omicron ( But not Xi) are dumbed down summaries. The Coronavirus has thousands of forms with some families on the uptick.

 This chart and map show how many varieties of the Covid-19 inducing virus had spurng up and been spotted in the labs in the first sixty days and where they were most common.    We're a year and a half past that.  Back then "Blue" was mostly in China and "Red" was mostly in western US and Canada.

Thursday, 25 November 2021


The Jab in the Arm is a Stab in the Heart: Dramatic Inflammation Increase. OR NOT. See update below.

Don't jab your kids in the heart!
New COVID vaccine research published Nov 8th in 'Circulation':

"We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination."  S.R. Gundry.


I've read that COVID-19 is best characterized as a disease of the "vascular endothelium", the cells lining our blood delivery system.  New to me is the report that T cells, our attack team, are being found within the heart muscle.  They shouldn't be finding enemies there. 

A link here to Dr Coleman who several hours after reading the paper above, urged an immediate halt to these vaccinations.    "This is the moment when the jabbing has to stop".  Maybe we should offer immunity from prosecution to allow the mandaters to save face when they stop doubling down.

CIRCULATION has posted a caveat
How serious is this?  Typography, not so much.  Lack of data in the abstract summary doesn't mean it won't be in the main paper.  The extended article at the link has "ad hominem" attacks on Gundry.  The outcry seems linked to defence of the prevailing narrative.  However,  that "only anecdotal data was used" is a big flag.

"After an outcry, Circulation flagged the published poster with the following notice

Soon after publication of the above abstract in Circulation, it was brought to the American Heart Association Committee on Scientific Sessions Program’s attention that there are potential errors in the abstract. Specifically, there are several typographical errors, there is no data in the abstract regarding myocardial T-cell infiltration, there are no statistical analyses for significance provided, and the author is not clear that only anecdotal data was used. 

We are publishing this Expression of Concern until a suitable correction is published to indicate that the abstract in its current version may not be reliable."

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Why do the double VAXXED still carry and transmit infections?

The VAX triggers production of the virus spike protein which triggers production of Immunoglobulin antibodies, type G and A.  More G than A and the A begins to decline quickly.

Type G mainly circulates on patrol in the blood but Type A is mainly patrolling the mucosal lining of nose and throat.  Unfortunately, the nose and throat surfaces are the landing zone and first nursery of the Covid-19 virus.  Therefore, the "fully vaccinated" can harbour and breed Covid-19 virus in the landing zone because the first line of defence weakens soon after the shots, even while having a second line of defence circulating in their blood.
Source at NIH

The illustration from the NIH source shows the pinkish area is the main domain of IgG and the lining of inside passages through us (nose, throat,lungs, bowels) are predominantly patrolled by IgA.

Monday, 22 November 2021

Toronto Hospital for Sick Children has been planning for months to handle kids with heart inflammation within 42 days of a Covid jab.

The document is version 3.3 dated August 2021.
It's titled: "Myocarditis and pericarditis after mRNA COVID-19 vacciantion in children: Interim guidance."

Page 10 reproduced below.  The source pdf is published by the hospital.

Sunday, 21 November 2021

New Rittenhouse clip: He was being dragged on the ground

Somehow we didn't see this longer clip of Kyle Rittenhouse being dragged down the road at speed, yet he rolled to a sitting position while still sliding and and made accurate shoot/no shoot decisions in a perilous three second tumult.  Posted as a GIF in Instapundit comments.  "I thought Jack Reacher was good".   Who could have done better to protect themselves in that moment?  (A hispanic man, who had been protecting a car lot owned by Middle Eastern men in the town where he worked, shot some white men with criminal records who appeared intent on killing him:  This is not racism.)

Saturday, 20 November 2021


HORROR. Vaccinated and under 60 in the UK? You are twice as likely to die as the Unvaccinated. UK Gov's own stats.

 I joked about "being in the control group" of the unvaccinated while the mRNA experimental gene jabs are mandated on almost everyone else.   This is beyond funny, beyond horror.  The formerly
low risk but vaccinated people under sixty are now twice as likely to die as their unvaccinated counterparts in the UK.  Please God, do not let your little kids be vaccinated too.

Check the source yourself:

US Labour Force Participation: Trending down for decades, sudden Covid drop, then new lower normal.

 Chart found here.  Do I detect a small trend change upwards during the Trump administration?

Friday, 19 November 2021

Caterpillars travelling in a rolling ball!

Advancing over top of each other, the group travels faster than the individual!

DRUG DEATHS: US may have the worst record of any wealthy country and the killer component of 2/3 of those deaths is shipped from China.

 Wealthy European countries have about one tenth the drug deaths of United States.  

And what's the main component of those American drug deaths, a component that has come on the scene in the last ten years, a component that is manufactured and shipped from China with Xi's indiference or worse?  Fentanyl.   h/t  powerlineblog  (This doesn't address why the drugs find a welcome).

The Strength of the Border Wall is the Will to Keep it.

This border apprehension graph is mind-popping for me.  Seeing the Trump calm with raging seas of Obama and Biden border-swarming either side is unforgettable.  The wall that Trump built is still standing but the flood returned.  The lure of hope away from their native lands and the promotion and financing by America's enemies turned the migrant flood back on.  h/t powerlineblog
Border site here from which the data points were extracted.

Dating and Internet Dating are the same thing now.

Dating and Internet Dating are the same thing now.  Eating-out is the runner-up and the big time losers are face-to-face relationships with shared purpose and heritage.  Families have shrunk and with it have shrunk opportunities to network.  People aren't getting to know their neighbours,  don't hang out with their school days' buddies and even friends-of-friends are less valuable in finding love and a mate.  On-line searches are so easy, especially during Covid lockdown seasons.  This isn't revulsion against traditional meetups which have became relatively costly, and in the case of family, rare.  Linked here

Thursday, 18 November 2021


Richard Fernandez (Wretchard): 

"The elite are deeply stung by the realization that .. the phone book people don't like them."

9-1-1 Simple to imagine, crazily complex.

 The CRTC reviewed 9-1-1 service in Canada and revealed a complex high value service we scarcely understand.  And we want it to work right every time, right now, no matter what our emergency is.

Some examples from the link:

.Our call goes through a tangle of federal, provincial, municipal and corporate parties and policies and does so differently in different places.  Yet somehow our plea has to be bundled up, identified and responded to locally, accurately and promptly.   Nothing else governmental is this organized and operating in real time.

.9-1-1 manages to work thanks to the best efforts and goodwill of the actors.  To quote then commissioner Timothy Denton, "Today, the 9-1-1 system is working because first responders, PSAPs and telecommunications service providers make it work, not because the technology is flawless or its governance system adequate."

.NG-9-1-1- is "next generation" 9-1-1 and will allow text, information pages and video to be exchanged.

.Reverse 9-1-1 is the ability of your town or province to send emergency alerts in the other direction and this is becoming widespread.   You can't automatically run a branching emergency system in reverse but the bugs are being worked out.

.9-1-1 when it gives accurate longitude and latitude information doesn't give height.  Are you in a parking garage or on the fifth floor of an apartment building?

.The biggest critical shortcoming is accurate location information.  Thanks to VOIP, many calls to 9-1-1 have fuzzy auto-location, sometimes with several blocks radius of uncertainty.  Below is Section 212 reporting on location accuracy testing.  The tiny inner circle is 100m accuracy.  The very pale blue circle is 300m accuracy.  The yellow circle is 1000m accuracy. The dots are the location results, coloured for three different phone services.   (See also sections 214 and 215 showing an example where almost one call in six was only known to the 1000m accuracy standard.)

212. As part of this process, TruePosition submitted a presentation regarding a testing initiative that they undertook in the Canadian marketplace to better understand the quality of information being received by PSAPs with respect to location accuracy in different Canadian cities. Roughly speaking, the methodology involved placing calls to selected PSAPs from outdoor and indoor locations, and using three different mobile providers in each region to validate data. Below is an illustration of the results from placing test calls from an indoor location in Fredericton. The different-coloured dots indicate the different carriers, and the three circles represent a 100-metre, 300-metre and 1,000-metre radius from the actual call location.

The picture is part of a satellite view of Fredericton. Different-coloured dots indicate the different carriers (Bell, Rogers, Telus), and three circles represent a 100-metre, 300-metre and 1,000-metre radius from the actual call location.

The Twitterati promote "Succession" while ten times as many Americans watch number one yet uncelebrated "Yellowstone"

 What's popular?  The Twitterati with their fingers on the scale will tell you what books and shows and politicians are popular and generally will lie liberally for their coccoon favourites.  

The latst example is the show "Yellowstone" only available on the Paramount Channel, a channel you probably haven't heard of.  Fifteen million people have found their way there for entertainment without getting headlines.  Meanwhile, "Succession" is getting headline attention with under two million viewers on its best days.  "Yellowstone" is not just popular, it's the top drama, beat only by sports.  The link goes to a story in the New York Post.

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Houston Hospital Loses Good Doctor Over Covid Follies

 Dr. Bowden of Houston Methodist Hospital writes a perfect Covid resignation letter after treating over 2000 patients and being attacked for having opinions on social media.  She sticks to her guns, sticks with science, and shows respect to her tormenters.

Monday, 15 November 2021

Add burner numbers to your existing phone with an app that protects your privacy when buying and selling from strangers or dating on-line.

You don't need to buy a throw-away "Burner" phone to be untraceable.  Add an app to your phone to rent additional blind numbers that will be routed through the the Burner site to your own phone.  The oldest supplier is called, unsurprisingly, Burner.  This has got to be especially helpful for dealing with strangers on dating sites and for buying and selling with strangers, and to consolidate other phone numbers to ring your phone.

You can pick a number at their web site for your area code with a 7 day free trial.  Go for a prepaid number of calls and texts in $5 increments, or rent the numbers monthly (About $5/line) or annually (About $50 per line).

Other suppliers are Hushed, Sideline and Flyp, written up at here with links and reviews.

In BC the Face Coverings Order and the Provincial State of Emergency order were both repealed June 30 2021. Ministerial orders M274 and M275. But there's still a mask mandate? See Bonny Henry's version.

You didn't know that, did you? Here are the two signed ministerial orders.  Also attached is the Provincial Health Act regarding what happens after a State of Emergency is ended.  Below that is the latest "mask mandate".   Bonnie Henry serves at Mike Farnsworth's pleasure and signed her own order below in her own name a few days ago, claiming a state of emergency exists.

M275 repeals the Provincial State of Emergency. (Search on line for BC Ministerial Order M073/2021
to read the original one page declaration of Provincial State of Emergency.)

M274 repeals the Face Coverings Ministerial Order No. M012/2021


This is the BC Public Health Act and below is the passage about Government responsibilities after ending a state of emergency.  Part 5 covers Emergency Powers and Division 3 of Part 5 covers the responsibilities when an emergency is over.

But we still have a face coverings order. How is that possible?  The above orders are Ministerial Orders, signed by Mike Farnsworth.    Bonnie Henry serves at Farnsworth's pleasure and it is her signature on Provincial Health Order 419, updated October 29th, which has the colour of law nowadays.  Her authority to sign this is supported when there's a Provincial State of Emergency, as I understand it.     But there isn't one.
The Order of The Provincial Health Officer entitled "FACE COVERINGS (COVID-19) - October 29,2021" is published here with lots of detail about who can do what but no links to what "demonstrably justifies"  means for disregarding individual liberties and rights. (She acknowledges charter rights in Bullet Point M).  She also acknowledges that the vaccinated can also be infected with the virus.

UK Remembrance day bombing: Footage shows hero was still in the car!

It's pretty clear only the primer went off.  The heroic David Perry had locked himself into the cab with the bomber.  He opens the door and climbs out four seconds after the explosion in the hospital turnaround.  Unfrickingbelieveable.  Elsewhere I read that he had locked the doors after the passenger switched destinations and was fumbling with a vest which had a visible light.   Destination 1:  Anglican Cathedral where a couple thousand military were assembled for 11:00 a.m. Remembrance ceremonies.   Destination 2, after road closures encountered: Hospital where bomb primer exploded at 10:59 a.m.  November 11th.

The cab enters the frame at 20 seconds, the primer explodes at 25 seconds and David opens the door at 31 seconds.

You became a target when the Internet gave you influence

Empowered or just escaped

The small story is that Internet free stuff like Facebook is free because YOU are the content and your life can be sold. The big story is that when the Internet empowered you to have influence, you destabilized the world's power structures.  Citizens gained sovereign influence and the power brokers lost market share. The fight is underway to buy up that influence and re-apportion it among powerful players.  Deep state players have lately got the upper hand with Covid fear tactics.

Omarosa backfire: Leaked 2018 tape showed Trump was on top of the Hillary Hoax and knew more then than we know today

Omarosa's spiteful shot at Trump in 2018 is worth revisiting.  Not only did Trump know back then that Hillary was behind the Russia Collusion Hoax but he had sources telling him how much was spent to fund the attack.  He had heard it was 5.7 million but recently learned it was closer to 9.0 million.  The dollar amount didn't get much press.  That Omarosa mocked him for believing the truth, that Hillary and her cabal had funded the hoax, that got all the press and took the oxygen out of the room.

h/t Gateway Pundit

Excerpted from the tape dating from 2018:

"Trump: Did you see? Nobody knows who spent it. No, I heard it was nine. I heard it was 5.7 but now they say it was nine. It was spent through a law firm that way they can’t trace it. But they traced it. One thing in this business is they trace it. And, yeah, close to $9 million. I can’t even believe it. The reason a law firm is because this way you don’t have to give any papers. But they found out, it’s definitely illegal and it’s illegal from a campaign standpoint, from a campaign financing standpoint. So the whole Russia thing, I think seems to have turned around. What do you think, Sarah?"

Nanaimo Restaurant Stands Tall Against Vax Mandate, Pays Big Price to Keep Going.

Pirate Chips in Nanaimo is open for business and you are welcome. 
This shouldn't be news, but it is. 

Keep it legal but don't submit must be owner Angela's guide.  She gave up her liquor licence and downgraded the front-end service to Take Out style.   When you get your order, you can sit at a warm table and enjoy her hospitality.  

Other places have quarantine order windows for the unvaccinated, have strung tape like spider webbing over the seating, or make you sit on a bench outside in the rain.  And treat you like an alien.

Just in case you missed the message, she's  posted her WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE
message on the front door. 

YouTube admits the obvious: It's hiding millions of Biden (and Harris) dislikes.

 This is new news but back in April, eight weeks after Biden's inauguration,  "YouTube Deleted 2.5 Million ‘Dislikes’ From Biden White House Videos, Data Indicates"

Now it's admitted YouTube policy, to protect the president and vice president from ignominy.

Kids having strokes, athletes dropping dead on the field this year: Why?


A video clip here of athletes dropping suddenly while on the field this year.

Below is part of the list of 75 European athletes who died unexpectedly in their prime this year.