Sunday, 31 July 2011

Armed Afghans may have anger management issues - Don't believe all you read.

AP had this disheartening headline:

"Murder of Afghan mayor deals new setback to Karzai" 

And this opening text:
"An assassin struck at the heart of President Hamid Karzai's political machine in southern Afghanistan Wednesday, killing the mayor of Kandahar with an exploding turban and deepening a power vacuum in the Taliban's main stronghold".

Here's the follow up from Strategy Page that you wont be reading elsewhere:
"The mayor of Kandahar was recently killed by a man angered at how the city destroyed his home (a shack in a new slum) and those of others. The city government efforts also killed two of the man's children, as his shack was demolished. When he complained, the city just blew him off. In an ancient Afghan tradition of revenge, the victim rigged explosives in his turban, approached the mayor, and blew them both away.                            NATO soldiers have learned that many Afghans have serious anger management issues. Thus one should be careful about getting into an argument with an armed Afghan. Most of the incidents where Afghan police or soldiers shoot NATO personnel is not about Taliban infiltration, but a recent argument, often over something trivial (at least to the Westerners)".

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