Thursday, 21 July 2011

Chavez health (Updated) and Venezuelan succession. Who is Adan Chavez?

Hugo Chavez apparently has a 50% chance of surviving another 18 months and has returned to Cuba for more treatment.  The unknown VP has been given presidential power but Chavez' big brother, Adan, is the real successor.  Hugo has been arming some of his followers.  Strategy page story today.

Adan Chavez
Adan Chavez was involved with pro-guerrilla groups before his brother was, has been ambassador to Cuba,  the education minister and is now governor of the state of Barinas.  (Wikipedia)

Update September 5th:  Probably colon cancer, outlook grim. 20 minute talk from notes all the once-garrulous Chavez could handle.
Update September 28th: Hugo Chavez 'rushed to hospital after kidney failure'

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