Monday, 25 July 2011

China train crash being buried 48 hours later. 60,000 polled think it's to bury evidence. Two Updates.

The Chinese government is mistrusted by citizens.
98% in online poll think the wrecked train is being buried to conceal evidence.
Wreckage being buried

"This is a country where a thunderstorm can cause a train to crash, a car can make a bridge collapse and drinking milk can lead to kidney stones"  (Posted on China's version of Twitter.)  

And from the Propaganda Department, just released: (h/t Zero Hedge)
"The latest directives on reporting the Wenzhou high-speed train crash: 1. Release death toll only according to figures from authorities. 2. Do not report on a frequent basis. 3. More touching stories are to reported instead, i.e. blood donation, free taxi services, etc. 4. Do not investigate the causes of the accident; use information released from authorities as standard. 5. Do not reflect or comment."
Reminder on reporting matters: All reports regarding the Wenzhou high-speed train accident are to be titled “7.23 Yong-Wen line major transportation accident.” Reporting of the accident is to use “ ‘in the face of great tragedy, there’s great love’” as the major theme. Do not question. Do not elaborate. Do not associate. No re-posting on micro-blogs will be allowed! Related service information may be provided during news reporting. Music is to be carefully selected!
Added: Chinese Propaganda Department asks for lots of stories about UK phone hacking scandal, maybe to get train crash out of the news.
Added July 31st:  "China Media Muzzled" after Wenzhou train crash

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