Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Common sense endangered, Polar Bears not so much.

Polar bears declared Endangered Species    US Department of the Interior
Polar bear populations near historic highs.  US Geological Survey

AGW spin:
"They cling precariously to the top of what is left of the ice floe, their fragile grip the perfect symbol of the tragedy of global warming."  Daily Mail.

Actually observed:
‘They were on the ice when we found them and on the ice when we left. They were healthy, fat and seemed comfortable on their iceberg.’ Amanda Byrd

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  1. A natural playground jungle gym and slide.

    Interesting evolutionary adaptation: you'd have to tie lead weights to them to make them sink. All their fur is hollow hairs, and their fat is even more buoyancy and insulation. And lots of it; the biggest bears on the planet.