Monday, 25 July 2011

Hummers protected with novel chimney, EMP weapons will soon be used. (Strategy Page)

Hummers will get new bomb protection in addition to V-shaped bottoms. An internal chimney can channel the blast up through the vehicle, anchoring it to the ground at the same time. Cost is 1/3 of MRAP and being lighter, the fuel use goes down and drivability goes up.  Tested with real bombs. Can't find any pictures yet.

EMP weapons to ruin control networks, computers and iPhones too, are more likely to be used than nuclear bombs.  Untested in warfare but not for long.   China has been adding Electromagnetic Pulse capability to its targeted radar capability.  This makes US aircraft carriers hard to defend.  It's rumored the British can deliver an EMP in an artillery shell. The US Air Force won't discuss the kill-range of existing AESA targeted radars.                       h/t  Strategy Page.

( Ed:  An aerial burst of a small atomic bomb will do the same.   Even outer space will deliver an EMP blast some day - a Carrington-type event from the sun or a nearby supernova.)
Bomb effect
High altitude bomb - radius of data damage

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