Friday, 1 July 2011

Is Israel calling in red tape favors to disperse the Gaza flotilla?

Red tape behind the scenes may be more effective than helicopter assault troops.

Greek authorities ban flotilla ships, get US boat “Audacity of Hope” to return to port.          
There are fewer boats.   300 people expected instead of 1000 and the Turkish contingent is reduced
There are problems getting the boats insured.
Publicity attracts its lovers.  Despite all the publicity, the number of participants has gone down.
Added:    Remember all non-military supplies can enter Gaza freely.
Added:  "Organizers have now expressed pessimism not only regarding the ability of the current flotilla to get underway, but as to the future of the movement as a whole."  July 3rd

Confirmation:  Israel claims diplomatic victory  (July 3rd)

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