Monday, 25 July 2011

NDP Leader of Canadian Opposition stepping aside because of Cancer. NDP/Liberal merger more possible. Update: Death & testimonial.

REUTERS/Mark BlinchJack Layton said he is temporarily stepping down as leader of the federal NDP, saying doctors had diagnosed him with a new type of cancer.   (National Post, h/t Small Dead Animals).

All wish him well personally.

A political comment from The Iceman:
"The NDP is going to have serious problems when Parliament resumes if they are being led by someone who only has a few weeks experience in the legislature. That being said, they would also have serious problems under the leadership of a vitriolic conspiracy theorist like Mulcair .... The loss of Jack's leadership would weaken his party, and perhaps make them more receptive to a merger with the Liberals".

Added August 22nd:
May he rest in peace.  Most of us pass in our dotage or decline.  Few are fortunate as Jack, ending life at his greatest triumph.              Though I don't support the NDP, this story is worth repeating from a desert Palestinian refugee camp. In Jordan, a volunteer organized the kids to dig a well when the adults thought it was a waste of time.  Many weeks later the community gathered at the edge of the shored-up hole to see the result.  An older fellow took the first sip of water, paused, and said, "Honoured sir, now you may die".     Jack Layton's ability to promote a fringe party to the benches of the opposition is such an achievement.

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