Sunday, 31 July 2011

New suspect in legendary 1971 "Cooper" skyjacking

The FBI are testing the fingerprints of a new suspect, following the most promising lead to date in this forty year old story.   Daily Mail has the new story and an illustrated re-cap of the old one.   "D.B.Cooper" parachuted with $200,000 and was never seen again.   h/t Drudge
Cash: Three packets of ransom money, totalling $5,800, were found on the Columbia river in February 1980
(Three packets of ransom money found in 1980, miles away from the jump site)
From the Telegraph version of the story: "Cooper is the Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest. There have been more than 1000 Cooper suspects and several deathbed confessions."
Imagine phony deathbed confessions.
Added:  Niece of L.D. Cooper comes forward with custom built guitar strap seen at time of the hijack.   Added:  Doubts expressed well here. An 8 year old's memories are involved.

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