Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Nuggets from Strategy Page today

Al Qaeda is bowing out and taking to the sidelines as a cheerleader. They released a thirty minute video acknowledging that Bin Laden is dead and telling people just to rely on themselves and get out there and kill for Allah.
In Syria, The violence keeps growing, and unless the government does something drastic, the rebels will win. We heard about demonstrations outside the US embassy but there was one outside Qatar's also.  Qatar had called for reform and is home for the Al Jazeera satellite news which criticized Syria.  Qatar has pulled its ambassador. Change in Syria will interrupt the mischief that runs from Iran through Syria to Hezbollah and is pointed at Israel.
Russia is allowing their military to shop around for weapons and buy them abroad. This combats price gouging by defense contractors at home who assumed they had a captive market.

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