Tuesday, 19 July 2011

PM Harper is pragmatic. "Canadians could give a rat's ass about right/left politics" says blogger.

Springer at "Sort of Political" comments:
"Canadian PM Harper became a "pragmatist", which by it's very definition means he discovered, and to a considerable extent re-defined, the middle ground of Canadian politics...a position abdicated by hordes of politicians on both sides of the spectrum."

He didn't become a "centrist" wanting to steal middle ground from the Liberals because:

Canadian Prime Minister
Stephen Harper
"There's nothing centrist about registering duck hunting guns and harassing honest people, at a cost of billions, when 90% of gun crimes are happening amongst drug dealers and street gangs with unregistered weapons."

"There's nothing centrist about sucking up to dictators and tyrants around the world for no more good reason than wanting to be liked by everyone."

- and more like that.
h/t Blogging Tories.

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