Monday, 25 July 2011

Predator-Prey math describes Rain-Cloud relationship.

Illustration of the ups and downs of populations
using Lynx and Hare as example
Predator = Rain
Prey= Clouds
Prey's food = Aerosol particles.

Math that successfully describes the interaction of lynx, rabbits and greens also describes the relationship between rain, clouds and the particles that trigger formation of clouds.

It points to three kinds of outcome:
A back-and-forth rhythm between mostly cloud formation for a while and mostly rain for a while.
A steady state with new clouds forming and drizzling out at the same time...
Or a population crash when strong rain destroys a cloud system.
As the supply of food (in this case aerosol particles) changes slowly, cloud types may change suddenly.  Both extremes of feast and famine have their own kind of stable cloud cover.
Science Daily News.

Added: Interference patterns are possible between two oscillating systems.
   If we have a fox-rabbit oscillation and a wolf-sheep oscillation in the same field, the two oscillations could affect each other indirectly because now rabbits and sheep are both competing for the same grass to eat."

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