Friday, 29 July 2011

US & Saudis smuggle satellite phones to Syrian rebels?

Story: "Iranian intelligence experts in Damascus have been disrupting the Syrian opposition movement´s telephone and Internet links with the outside world and among fellow-protesters in the country. To bridge the communications gap, the US and Saudi Arabia have in the last two weeks smuggled thousands of satellite phones into Syria and put them in the hands of opposition leaders, debkafile reports.
The new phones will also overcome the latest Syrian steps, also on the advice of their Iranian advisers, to slow down the speed of the Internet to impede the transmission of images – most of all live video - of brutal attacks by Syrian security and military forces on protesters.          US and Saudi intelligence services are picking up the tab for the satellite phones and have given the providers a free hand to place no limits on their use."
  Information promoted by Debka whose credibility varies.

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