Monday, 18 July 2011

US Treasury Debt - how much owed to whom?

Wikipedia's chart:  The dark blue "Intragovernmental Holdings" is money one branch of government owes to another.  That's where the $2.6 trillion Social Security assets are said to be found.  The second largest section, the orange "International" section is where most news stories originate and where the Aaa rating with Moody's counts the most.  (Chart dated 2008)  Today we're just off the top of the chart at 14,000 billion dollars and the orange International share is just over 30%.

This graphic from the Guardian shows current International Treasury debt at $4.5 trillion (The orange part of the first graph).  China and Japan hold almost half of that but China, not Japan, is in the news.  The UK, Petro states and Brazil hold another 15% and the remaining players have less clout.  Russia which held several percentage points has been disinvesting and moving into gold lately. Russia did well.
The third graphic from Zero Hedge shows holdings of the biggest players are steady or trending slightly up.

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