Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Why no budget in the US and why does Reid want to deem one?

Had you wondered why Senator Reid wanted to "deem" the next two budgets as part of the debt ceiling debate?
Conn Carroll

"All the low-hanging revenue and spending fruit are already gone. As even The Washington Post's Ezra Klein admits, the Democrats must now argue for higher taxes, and not just on the wealthy. In order to pay for all their entitlement programs, the middle class is going to have to pay more, too. But Ezra can admit this because he doesn’t have to win elections; Democrats in public offices do. That is the reason you haven’t seen a Democratic budget since Obamacare became law and it is the reason you will not see another one till at least 2013."  Conn Carroll at The Washington Examiner.
(Source)  That 70% of income tax coming from 2.7%
of the taxpayers will have to change. Beating on
billionaires and corporate jets won't cut it.

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