Monday, 5 September 2011

Iran losing Arab public opinion. China is high, the US is low.

Zogby shows Arab approval of Iran has declined precipitously and approaches the low regard the US enjoys.  For Iran, the exception is Lebanon where the Shia population are supportive.  Most hostile is KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) which is concerned about Iran's nuclear expansion.  Detail at link includes breakdown of Lebanese community attitudes. The poll was sponsored by the Arab American Institute Foundation.

For comparison, from additional Zogby polling: (pdf)

The UN has a small edge over the US.  Apart from Lebanon, Iran has about the same status as the UN.  The big story is how secure China sits in public opinion with majority approval everywhere except KSA.  I predict the role of China is most likely to be leveraged soon to greater power, not the role of the US or Iran.  Those many stories about Chinese business and Chinese workers in the Middle East are the first sprouts of a big investment payoff.  

How has Obama been doing in the Middle East?  Poorly.  Sarkozy for France and especially Erdogan for Turkey are being admired.
Agree or Disagree that Obama met expectations
he set in his 2009 Cairo speech.

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