Monday, 26 September 2011

Justice caught with finger on the scales. Congress may defund lefty-only hires

FOI documents show all 113 Department of Justice Civil Rights career attorney hires have been leftist lawyers.  "Justice Department in Turmoil".  A leak from DOJ tells PJ Media:
During last week’s Senate CJS meeting, several million in funding for all DOJ litigating components were cut  — including the Civil Rights Division. The amount cut was what used to hire about 100 of the new attorneys.
This is a disturbing story of Justice that is not even-handed.  Pajamas Media received documents after a year of stonewalling and have documented this in eleven previous reports under the title, "Every Single One".  Whistleblowers and former attorneys at DOJ, Christian Adams and Hans von Spakovsky spearheaded the research.

Earlier material on DOJ mission statement, structure and some issues here. US DOJ: Guardian of justice with a political cancer.
The ATF "Fast and Furious" gun running scandal is embedded in the DOJ bureaucracy too.  A couple months into the story, Drudge took notice of it today.

Good news:  DOJ takes first step to restore justice: Uber-partisan Loretta King resigns from Civil Rights Division..

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