Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sarah Palin gains on Obama, 44-49, edges out Perry in Marist poll. Update.

The Marist McClatchy poll released today shows Palin right behind Obama and tied with or ahead of Romney and Perry.  The big gains are with independents.  This is a summertime rise of over 20 points.  She hasn't announced yet and is keeping her powder dry.

Palin-Obama            44 - 49
Perry-Obama            41 - 56
Romney-Obama       44 - 46
and beats Obama 47 - 43 among independents.

yet .....
52 - 38 think Obama will lose to the Republican finalist and
49 - 36 definitely plan to vote against Obama.  

Added:  This story is gaining traction.
USA Today:  Sarah Palin 'still considering' White House bid (refers to poll in the article)

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