Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Scoring the GOP Debate September 7th, opinion roundup.

Read The Tatler.
     "The big loser tonight is Barack Obama. By comparison to all but one of the candidates, the president comes off poorly. I doubt that Americans will have any qualms replacing him next year with a solid, credible Republican, and there were many of those engaged in this debate tonight.
     Perry and Romney essentially tied on substance and presentation. Both stood apart from the rest of the candidates. Gov. Rick Perry came into tonight’s debate the leader and I think he leaves it in that position."
Added:  Ace of Spades talks chiefly of Perry:" He did okay.  He failed to wow anyone".  Perry didn't emerge as the clear choice.
Added: Gateway Pundit: "Perry knocked it out of the park.  The media's only objective was to attack Rick Perry.  Republicans cheered the death penalty when Perry upheld it.  Perry pushed back the host to affirm 95% of jobs created in Texas were above minimum wage.    Gingrich is praised here and elsewhere for saying the Republicans are a team to defeat Obama, thereby deflecting an attempt to have candidates attack each other.
Added: Hinderaker at Powerline:  "By default,tonight's winner was Mitt Romney. What bothered me was Perry's general inarticulateness."
Added: Washington Post praises Gingrich. “Frankly, I’m not interested in your effort to get Republicans fighting each other” over health care.
Added: Huffington Post editorializes Perry negatively and changes quote about executions to sound like he doesn't care about executing an innocent person.  Did they watch the same debate?

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