Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Stem cell miracles: The deaf hear and the blind see.

Stem cells have restored
hearing and
and been used to grow
Brain cells lost to Alzheimers
Working eyes
Blood vessels
Heart muscle
Complete live hearts
Kidney cells
Miniature livers
Lung tissues
Billions of live red blood cells
Live effective sperm

Some are already in use, others are at proof-of-concept stage and animal models. The last people to die of old age may have already been born.
Added: Myelin nerve sheathing (MS and Cerebral Palsy lose this sheath)  (10/2011)
Added: Working pituitary glands in mice. (11/2011)

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  1. That line was first used about 25 years ago.

    I think one big bucks application is going to be replacement of skin decorated with tattoos by damfool 20-somethings. It's gonna get real 'old' in 30 more years.