Sunday, 2 October 2011

Freight blimps on order for the High Arctic. UPDATES

The Hybrid Air Vehicles heavy-lifter in Discovery Air livery
Heavy-lifting blimp from DAI

A Canadian company is buying innovative blimps that can lift 50 tons and travel to the frozen north at 100 knots, staying aloft for several weeks at a time.  Hybrid Air Vehicles from the UK will be supplying the first of several by 2014 to Discovery Air Innovations of Canada (DAI).  It looks like a science fiction movie but it's real.

A little background on the topic here  and  here.  All-weather gravel roads in the north can cost over $1.5 million per mile.
h/t Brian Hall.

Canadian contract cancelled and opportunity shifts to Alaska
Something may be brewing in Manitoba.  Air ship test scheduled for October 2015.

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