Friday, 25 November 2011

An American view of access to Canadian oil: Let China scramble for oil in sketchy, unstable places.

Scrambling in sketchy places
This is what bad energy policy looks like: as the US dithers over Canadian tar sands oil, China is ready to buy.  ... The greens, like the clueless disarmament and peace advocates ... are making the 21st century a more dangerous place.  .....   The question is ....  whether the US will get direct benefits ...  like geopolitical security and refining jobs.  It is not only in America’s interest to have this oil ourselves; it is in our interest for China to have to scramble for oil in sketchy, unstable places while US crude comes from safe and convenient ones.

A mini essay from Walter Russell Mead.

Added: Even better if China finds lots of its own oil and gas.

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