Saturday, 19 November 2011

Dimbulbs outlawed consumer choice: Last 100 watt bulb arrives in town.

Oliver BC:    Tuesday the last 100W incandescent bulb is arriving at the Tru Valu hardware from the last inventory up the Okanagan Valley.  My blood boils at the green know-it-alls and do-something pols who brought this travesty upon us.  

Those swirly little CFL’s that cost so much?
They don’t turn on when  you need them. They just glow slowly brighter in the course of a minute.
They only last longer if there’s no power surges, bumps and defects.
They have a mercury hazard.
You can’t get a deal of 4 for $2.98     The light is harsh despite the option of “colour temperatures” (and harder to read by, comments Old Lady).  They're kind of ugly too. I don't want to buy Ugly.
What are the people who are afraid of getting cancer from CFL’s supposed to do?  
Closet, basement and bedroom lights are turned off most of the time so there 's almost no power saved in a year.   (I like to get the best bang for my buck and there are some places where a CFL bulb is the best solution, like always-on lights in an apartment stairwell).
But get thisCanada gets cold in winter, right?  The regular light bulb is 90% heater and every cent you save with the new low-heat CFL’s  has to be spent extra on your heating bill this winter.

A job has been created
(An aside:  It's true that LED's don't have some of the drawbacks of a CFL.  But have you noticed the bright new traffic light bulbs?   Many are now LED's which use less power and stay cool while beaming bright.  In Canada in a snowstorm, the snow now sticks to the light and covers it.  The old traffic lights made enough heat to melt the snow and keep the lens visible.)

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