Saturday, 19 November 2011

Light created from nothing - Casmir effect is real.

40 years of  theory says photons should be winking in and out of existence even in the vacuum of outer space. The Chalmers lab tricked some of these virtual photon pairs to stay winked in. They became measurable light by being bounced off a magnetic "mirror" that was vibrating at a quarter the speed of light.  Other virtual particles are expected but because the photon has no mass, it took less energy to set up this Casmir effect experiment. A SQUID was used (Superconducting quantum interference device) to set up the  mirror.
Christopher Wilson
team leader, Chalmers.
"It is believed that vacuum fluctuations may have a connection with "dark energy" which drives the accelerated expansion of the universe."

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit
This is the stuff of theology.
Is this a matter of viewpoint
or is something coming from nothing?

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