Saturday, 17 December 2011

Canada, there's another Elephant wants to sleep in your bed.

Republican candidates pop up and down like they're playing whackamole.  Ron Paul has a pop-up date coming with the fickle American public too. The "European Disunion Blog" makes the case for Ron:
"Don't want endless foreign wars, but do want a strong military for defense? Vote Ron Paul. Do want bankers to be subjected to greater scrutiny and accountability? Vote Ron Paul. Don't want the government to tow the line of corporate interests? Vote Ron Paul. Do want to be allowed to say and think what you will - even do what you will - provided that it does not harm or infringe upon the rights of others? Vote Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who does not accept donations from big business - his campaign is funded entirely by individuals. Yet it forms policy from a conservative outlook: pragmatic, rather than idealistic, with any reforms carefully considered before implementation, with a strict doctrine of fiscal prudence to boot. In short, it is the perfect blend for individualistic yet reasoned and cash-strapped America".
Libertarianism has the unique ability to attract both supporters from the right and the left.

As Mike Shedlock of Global Economic Analysis says, this is "a rock-solid case in two short paragraphs". I think the American public is fidgety and inclined to gamble on some new faces in Washington. Ron Paul is a pretty long shot but the whole dialogue has shifted rightwards this election cycle.

With which candidates would Canada's Harper get on best?

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