Friday, 16 December 2011

Outer space - four new stories.

Flash - sizzle- boom. That's a basic star history:
Start-up flash, long run of sunshine, and supernova exit. The Hubble captured the most beautiful ever photo of the turbulent ignition of a star, the "butterfly wing stage".:

The "Expanding Universe" is almost gospel, the view that all galaxies are receding from one another as space gets bigger ,like raisins in a lump of rising bread dough. Now there's evidence all galaxies in most of our sector of the universe are traveling like a school of fish on a single course.  Supernova research challenges cosmic "dark flow" mystery.

Lovejoy, diminished, reappears.
The Comet Lovejoy is filmed heading into the solar atmosphere (not so unusual) and filmed again, apparently minus its tail, as it comes out smaller on the other side. (No comet has been seen to survive before). links to three video sources from outer space. Update: Not one but two tails are back! and wiggles.

SpaceEx not only will launch a rocket February 7th to test the run to the Space Shuttle  (COTS Phase 2) but expects to combine the mission with COTS Phase 3 and carry out docking with cargo transfer.  The schedule is moving up to end the two year window of dependence on Russian launch vehicles.

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