Friday, 9 December 2011

How long will you wait for a specialist in Canada? - 2010 report from the Fraser Institute. UPDATE

This year you'll wait longer for a specialist, especially in PEI and New Brunswick. The Fraser Institute's 20th annual survey includes the three charts below: (UPDATE: Link here for 2011 report released December 12th.  Wait times increased a bit more).
-Wait times by province, year over year,
-A chart breaking that into two parts: wait time for your first meeting with the specialist and wait time until the actual treatment.
-A third chart compares specialties.  If you need cancer treatment, you get fast results.  Expect to wait over half a year for orthopaedic, plastic and neuro- surgeries.  The full report is available as a free pdf download.
     Why are there differences? Policies and Prices, most likely.

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