Monday, 12 December 2011

PM Stephen Harper is playing my tune.

I used to feel lonely being conservative in Canada. I loved my country but no one spoke for me in government.  A low point in 1996 was the day Jean Chretien, wearing dark sunglasses, grabbed an obnoxious protester by the throat and manhandled him aside.   The dark glasses, the hostility to opposition voices and the seeming indifference of the press, summarized the feeling of being a stranger in my own land.

What a change.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be remembered as one of Canada's great prime ministers. He's found a balance between good conservative policy and the voters appetite for lots and lots of the opposite.  I applaud successful minority government, the progress to rein in the CWB and Long Gun Registry, and more. We were the only country to speak up against the folly of making North Korea head of the UN Conference on Disarmament.      I can live with some interim squishy positions on Warmism and light bulbs.

PM Stephen Harper is playing my tune.

Update:  "Freedom is my nationality" posts ten conservative policies to commend.

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