Sunday, 25 December 2011

Second ever World Giving Survey: The former British Empire continues at the top. The PIGS are the least charitable (and most indebted) economies of Europe. Update.

A new yardstick of generosity doesn't count how much cash a country donates.  Instead it asks three questions:  In the last month, did you help a stranger, volunteer your time or give some money to help somebody out?   Five of the top seven include the core of the British Empire, some poor countries score high (Morocco, Laos, Liberia),  and the most messed-up finances in Europe match the people with the least time for their neighbours. (PIGS - Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. Italy's drop is recent).

World Giving Index:  Download the report and stats.  (1.6 meg)  Download the bubble chart. (0.4 meg) Published on line by the Charities Aid Foundation.  A thousand people each in 153 countries took part.

UPDATE:  And in Africa, tweets/day/citizen are much higher from countries that were under  British rule for a time and lower from countries that were under French and Belgian rule.  What exactly does that mean?

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