Thursday, 26 January 2012

AAA outlook for Canada and others not so rosy with new tool, crowd-sourced Wikiratings.

A transparent rating tool puts a lot of countries, including Canada, lower on the credit-worthiness scale. The crowd-sourced update makes us look better. The rating agencies drag their feet on downgrades because it affects their income.   The weight given each element is spelled out and input is welcome.  (Guest post at ZeroHedge)  Only Hong Kong and Luxemburg got top rating before the voting.  The new set of numbers is closer to Dagong than to Moody, Fitch and S&P.
Initiated by Austrian mathematics Dorian Credé and and finance whiz Erwan Salembier, ratings are derived from weighted user input. They stress to point out that their model will improve with rising user input who also have a say in improving the formulae used.

The second chart below is more up-beat, based on a couple thousand votes from the wiki community to December 2011      In this version, Canada is one of the good guys and the US not so much..Wr poll (countries) worldmap 2011-12-29.png

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