Friday, 6 January 2012

Alien radio signal? SETI found a very tight intereference pattern near 1439 mhz.

Did I do that?
The SETI project at Berkeley announces two interesting radio signals from outer space.  It's an interference pattern, not a single signal but in a very tight frequency near 1439 mhz.  In the US, this frequency is reserved for some mobile phones and astronomy research.  "They are narrow in frequency, much narrower than would be produced by any known astrophysical phenomena, and they drift in frequency with time, as we would expect because of the doppler effect imposed by the relative motion of the transmitter and the receiving radio telescope".    The targets are areas of the sky where possible habitable planets exist, Keppler Objects of Interest # 817 and #812.  KOI's are stars seen by the Kepler spacecraft to dim periodically as if a planet sometimes blocks light in our direction.  So far Berkeley is saying merely that detecting such patterns proves their calculation procedure is extracting signals from background noise successfully.

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