Sunday, 29 January 2012

Gulf states turn on Assad to hurt Iran. UPDATE

"For the Gulf states, it makes sense to keep pushing Assad. Not only does the war against Assad push Iran, it tends to put the conservative Sunni monarchies on the right side of public opinion in the Sunni Arab world. ... The royal houses of the Gulf sit more securely on their thrones if they work to push Assad off of his".
Walter Russell Mead on Syria.

Update:  Iran is making nice, muddying the waters with Plan B.   "Iran has decided to muddy the waters with peace feelers and feints for a while, hoping to split the coalition against it and halt the gathering momentum of the opposition to its plans. .. Many observers inside and outside Iran believed that it was on a regional winning streak and consolidating its hold over the “Shia Crescent” from Iran through Iraq and Syria to Lebanon. Now that Turkey is awake, Assad is on the ropes, Hamas is looking for Sunni sponsors and the Gulf is united, Iran’s regional prospects look shaky and Plan B suddenly has more appeal."

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