Saturday, 18 February 2012

Peremptory challenges used up in the American primaries

And out you go!
Would-be Republican presidents who believe they are answering the summons to serve their country are at the voir dire stage with select pools of primary voters.   This is not a logical assay but a simple struggle to briefly gain the upper hand in the tides of mens' minds.  The candidates seem to be dismissed in record numbers this year as those voter pools use up their peremptory challenges. The beauty of peremptory challenges is you don't have to give a reason that will stand scrutiny.  Don't like the twang or whine?  Out they go. (My mother disliked Preston Manning's voice and wouldn't vote for him till her dying day.) Don't like the funny hair-do? Out they go.  You get a funny feeling?  Out they go.

The peremptory challenges are used up, barring a brokered convention which one GOP insider considers about as likely as an alien invasion.

Here's the kicker: The winner, instead of sitting in the jury box, gets to be the prosecution.for the general election.  And this year, the sole Democrat candidate is running for the prosecution position too. Since his record impresses few, he's charging congress for bad behaviour and going up against them.

Am I the only one thinking that Obama is at a disadvantage for not having gone through a bruising and somewhat ridiculous primary contest?  It seems too easy for him and while voters may laugh at the primary antics, they respect the struggle.

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