Saturday, 18 February 2012

Trillions in a mother box - put them to use.

Six trillion dollars of US Treasury bonds were seized by Italian police.   They happen to be fakes but why not collect them and have somebody from the Federal Reserve certify they are good?  What's the difference if they are certified by the issuing authority?  Print dollars against the security and test the theory that more money tokens will end poverty, stop recessions, wipe out the deficit and encourage investment.  Canada flirted with this belief when Social Credit and the Creditistes captured popular imagination.

The bonds were found inside apparently genuine Chicago Reserve trunks from the '30s. "Mother Box Treaty of Versailles 1934". Who knew there was such a thing?  The link at Zero Hedge shows pictures of other Mother Boxes.

Having mentioned Social Credit, I read enough to see there's analysis behind the name.  Money is a ticket for redistribution of wealth, not a private possession. The value of goods to the community is less than the value of goods stated as a price by the sellers (who employed capital to replace labour).  The gap can be filled by creating social credit so everyone can enjoy what rightfully belongs to the heritage of the community.

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