Monday, 19 March 2012

Obama rumor: Parents of bomber Ayers financed the president through college.

Too good a rumor not to check out.  It comes from the senior Ayers' postman!  They talked to him about this young black foreigner from Kenya or Indonesia that they were helping finance through college.  Remember that their bomber son, Ayers the Weatherman, is "just a guy in the neighbourhood"  according to the Obama storyline.   Read and file sceptically.

An earlier confirmation of the same story from 2010, different source. 
Another question: Who got traction today for this 18 month old story?  It seems to have been picked up today by Jack Cashill at the American Thinker after he was approached about a video of the postman done by Jerome Corsi of WND whom I have linked above. 
The postman, Allen Hulton

Bill Ayers before he became a college professor.

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