Saturday, 3 March 2012

Warm Winter Saves Lives

Global warming, I'm going to miss you.
The mild winter south of the border has cut flu deaths by a staggering amount.  Instead of the average 12,000, at most a couple hundred died of flu this year.   Hospitalizations for flu this year are running 22 times below the average.  That's twenty two fold, not twenty two percentage points.  Last year 122 children died of flu and this year that number has shrunk to 3.  The flu season didn't really start until late January and appears to be over already.          The New York Times is the link, h/t to JustOneMinute.

Footnote: "Flu-v" univeral flu vaccine will protect for a lifetime.  Announced before Christmas.
Below:  Photo of flu virus (brown) circulating amongst the cilia hairs of a human lung.
Photo: Flu virus

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