Sunday, 8 April 2012

Global Warming: The big one hit 14,600 years ago.

Alarmists didn't predict this 45 foot rise in sea level but it has been clocked as a sudden sharp spike 14650 to 14310 years ago.  The massive ice melt shows up in Tahiti where precisely-dated dead coral was suddenly buried deep in the ocean. Climate change of 10 to 15 degrees C was abrupt.  The best guess is that seawater flow broke into the arctic basins and triggered the end of that ice age.

Reported at Science Daily News.  The Oxford University team found a nice place to do research. I hope they dined at dusk by one of the roulottes on the Papeete waterfron.

Up to 15 degrees Celsius?  The Tahitian data may indirectly substantiate that but it's early days still.  Remember the story that the Black Sea filled almost 60 meters suddenly 6400 years ago?  That's been revised to a slow fill from 9000 years ago with a sudden 10 meter top-up about 6400 years ago. Still newsworthy.
Images of coral off Tahiti sampled for the study      

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