Monday, 17 December 2012

"Canada Leaps Past Dithering US in Energy Race": Viamedia

America has the pipeline infrastructure for LNG but Canada has the will to export it.  "Politics are more intractable than geography" so the energy companies are putting their bets on Canada to win, writes Meade.  The US government dawdles, reluctant to issue permits, reluctant to get out of the way.  That foreigners will pay more for that gas than Americans should be a no-brainer.  It will bring wealth to America even if Americans have to pay a little more to keep some of the gas at home to top up their own industries.

Professor Meade often points out that when cheaper and cleaner natural gas displaces coal, atmospheric carbon dioxide goes down, down more even than the Kyoto accord called for.

An aside:
We Canadians have the same issue with lumber.  The Chinese and Japanese value our logs more than we do ourselves.  When they put up their yuan and yen, there's a lot of Canadian yapping about it.  If we had a better plan for the wood fibre, the overseas buyers would be squeezed out.  (At my roof truss plant, when I want good wood I pay more, and that includes buying some "J" grade that was milled for Japan. Don't remember seeing J grade before?  If you are willing to pay more, larger lumber yards will sell you "Appearance" or "Foursquare" wood that has no bark on it.)

Another aside:
I like how the Catholic church censored books more than how government censors enterprise. A notable prelate would give a "nil obstat" for a book, removing obstacles but not rewriting the text. Governments today like to write a permit that leaves their own fingerprints all over a plan instead of just saying, "we don't object".

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