Thursday, 24 January 2013

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau needs to get the echoes out of his speeches.  Snip them down.
From the Vancouver debate I marked the main echoes found in one section, and snipped 85% to do a re-write.     The re-write is easier to understand.  Though I vote conservative,  I'd tune in to hear him if he spoke like a leader instead of massaging my ears with echoes.

First the text, courtesy of ichannel:

"And this is something (echo1) that has to come from every one of us here  (echo1). All of young people who don’t feel that politics is important (echo2).  People who prefer to join Greenpeace (echo3) or Amnesty International (echo4) or local initiatives within their own communities (echo5) rather than play partisan politics.  This is what we have to change And young liberals have to go back to all of the young people in your schools (echo1) and colleges (echo2), in cities (echo3). Young people who are not terribly interested in politics but want to change the world.  We have to show them that politics is a way to change the world.
The crisis of relevance we’re living goes to a very (echo1), very (echo2) basic element.  Human beings have one basic (echo1) core need.  Once you get past the need for food, shelter, clothing, we are social animals.  We need to feel like (echo1) we are relevant.  We need to see (echo1) we matter to our tribe.  And the accumulation of wealth (echo1), of fame (echo2) and material goods (echo3) can sometimes (echo1) be an indicator of how important you are, how much impact you have on your community (echo1).

But.. fundamentally (echo1)…fundamentally (echo2)… human beings get defined fundamentally (echo3) by what they have to offer the world around them.  We have a society right now of young academics(echo1), of young leaders (echo2), of young people (echo3) who realize that the old way of thinking does not hold anymore.  And we need to be bold.  We need to stand up. (echo1)  We need to say, “ let’s rethink everything” (echo2) because we know that the challenge we’re facing as a planet (echo1), as a civilization (echo2), can only be solved if countries like Canada (echo1) — that have all the solutions at our fingertips (echo2), and all the advantages in the world (echo3) — step up".
Young liberals, come back inside the party and bring your friends because politics is the way to change the world.
Survival and the trappings of success aside, what matters is our role in our community.  Join me to remake Liberal politics, plug in, and together we can change the world.

I watched part of the debate on the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver and noted Justin's sentences were usually kinked, qualified and re-qualified, coaxing people to agree with him rather than setting out his core message.  And yet he still stood out.   It's a little ominous for the Liberal party how long it took to find video or transcript of that first debate in Vancouver.   The only useful video was on Justin's own website and no mainstream media had bothered to transcribe more than a couple sentences per candidate.

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