Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Blogging Tories survey.

What do Blogging Tories blog about?
A count of the last two pages shows:
57% Canada linked stories.
28% US linked stories
15% Various conservative or world viewpoints.
I counted all XP pipeline stories as Canadian.

Added:  And a little spam from someone flogging   "Delusional Spin" and "Oh Canada", various names, all standing out for having about two hundred tweets.

My friend who blogs about finance told me,
"Canada is irrelevant."  (He was talking about world finance).
World map scaled to national wealth.
We're that pale blue bit at the upper left.
Our American neighbour is ten times our size and gets half the headline space BT gives to Canadian stories.  Maybe that's about right, a 20:1 reduction.  Are we that much different from the fans of US stardom who watch ET and the Oscars and read People Magazine?  I am tempted every day to read about US political figures and overlook what's happening at home unless someone raises a big stink.

Do you remember when Gzowski's Morningside radio show had a segment called, "The News From ....". Someone would phone in from Sauerkraut, Saskatchewan to report the big news in their neighbourhood that day.  It included flat tires, girl guide cookie drives, the wheat board, things large and small.  (I haven't the stomach to listen to CBC news any more but there was a time.).  Our own news is always interesting even if the rest of the world doesn't tune in.

While serenading the CBC, let me add the great motto of The Vinyl Cafe:
"We may not be big,
but we're small!"

Footnote to "Canada is irrelevant". Did you know the Bank of Nova Scotia may be the best known bank in Chile, Peru and Jamaica, the three I know a smidgen about?

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